European SHOOTO Championships 2013

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shooto logoDie diesjährigen „European Shooto Championships“ der Amateure finden am Samstag, den 6. Juli in Deventer (Holland) statt. Eben erreichte uns die Nachricht von dem Präsidenten der European Shooto Commission Rafles La Rose, in welcher er den Termin und den Austragungsort bestätigte. Hier nun die offizielle Ausschreibung/Einladung durch Rafles La Rose:

Dear Shooto /MMA fans,

On Saturday July 6 2013 the European Championships Amateur Shooto take place at gym H & A in Deventer.
See attachment for the poster with additional information.

The matches are fought on Amateur Shooto C rules, all participants are required to wear headgear and gloves mma provided by the organization.
Attention! Other protection such as a groin protector, mouth guard, knee and shin guards, participants take themselves.

You can sign up by sending an e-mail:

Want to register for this event, please supply us with the following information:
full name,
birth date,
weight class *,
name of your gym,
training experience and you fight record.

* [-60kg,-65kg,-70kg,-76kg,-83kg,-91kg,-100kg or +100 kg]

If you have any questions, please send an email to:

See you on Saturday July 6th 2013 at gym H & A in Deventer.


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