Competitors of European Amateur Shooto Championships


Here we will update a list of all registered fighters, who signed up to compete at the European Amateur Shooto Championships on June 4th 2016 in the Öschhalle in Metzingen (Germany). If you haven’t signed up yet you can do so here at this official online registration. Last day for registrations is May 28th, no registrations after this date will be accepted.

If you have registered and you are not on the updated list, please send the registration again and let us know by E-Mail that you have done so.

Last update: May 29th 2016, Competitors: 58, Countries: 10


-61,2 kg

Marija Malencia, R-Grip Gym, Netherlands

-65,8 kg

Joraima Tromp, R-Grip Gym, Netherlands


-52,2 kg

Shahwais Mohammadi, Munich MMA, Germany

-61,2 kg

Masoud Safi, R-Grip Gym, Netherlands
Denrhy Piloor, Tatsujin Dojo, Netherlands
Emanuel Wardah, Kampfsportzentrum Wernau, Germany
Ali Yazbeck, Frontier MMA Academy, Sweden
Ali Reza Abdullazada, Tatsujin Dojo, Netherlands
Agit Oguz, Ulm MMA, Germany

-65,8 kg

Fabian Weissbrot, The Junior Dream, Germany
Barney Gröner, Munich MMA, Germany
Mounif Barghouti, Bushido Leipzig, Germany
Khizriev Irashka, Gladiator Dresden, Germany
Nik Weber, New Legacy Aarau, Switzerland
Ahmad Harbi, Lion Cage, Germany
Chekib Khezami, Ulm MMA, Germany

-70,3 kg

Alisher Abdulloev, Gladiator Dresden, Germany
Husein Kadimagomaev, New Legacy Aarau, Switzerland
Tom Zwarts, R-Grip Gym, Netherlands
Sven Fortenbacher, German Top Team, Germany
Chris Abdoul, Munich MMA, Germany
Michael Ettlen, German Top Team, Germany
Abdi Mohamoud, Tatsujin Dojo Deventer, Netherlands
Remo Diggelmann, Nippon, Switzerland
Tino Gilaranz, Dokkodo, Spain
Markus Held, German Top Team, Germany
Sefa Yildiz, Lion Cage, Germany
Tobias Zacho Storm, Renegade MMA, Denmark

-77,1 kg

Wladimir Holodenko, Frankers Fight Team, Germany
Andreas Ewardt, R-Grip Gym, Netherlands
Akbarjon Saiodov, Gladiator Dresden, Germany
Jonathan Estedt, German Top Team, Germany
Miodrag Vignjevic, KOF Team, Serbia
Timmy Bolliger, KS Gym München, Germany
Adriaan Brouwer, R-Grip Gym, Netherlands
Magnus Thorgersen, Frontline Academy, Norway
Fabio Mele, Blackwasp Academy, Switzerland
Nathan Zechut, Tatsujin Dojo Deventer, Netherland
Oliver Vorm, Renegade MMA, Denmark
Artem Zamarajev, Martial Arts Academy Mannheim, Germany
Stephan Schneider, Kampfsportzentrum Wernau, Germany
Janus Sandholm Olsen, Renegade MMA, Denmark

-83,9 kg

Mario Cindric, Nippon Team, Switzerland
Christian Johnston, Frontline Academy, Norway
Patrick Timbet Evina, LSK Boxing, France
Rahim Mirajeddin, Nippon Team, Switzerland
Patrice Wagemans, Gorilla MMA, Belgium
Peter Nyari, Dino Team Magdeburg, Germany
Marcel Weiß, Kampfsportzentrum Wernau, Germany
Benoit Huber, Icon Team, Switzerland
Hakan Demir, Ulm MMA, Germany

-93,0 kg

Martynas Andrikis, Frontline Academy, Norway
Junias Heil, German Top Team, Germany

-120,0 kg

Thomas Johansson, Renegade MMA, Denmark
Anthony Cash, Trans4mers Sports Mainz, Germany
Benedikt Lilienthal, Serious Fighter, Germany
Philipp Schinzler, KS Gym München, Germany
Arrow Schreck, KS Gym München, Germany

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